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Personal consultation with the doctor!

This test is not a diognostic test.

The test aims to:

  • - Reduce the level of general panic
  • - Unload the hotline
  • - Help to deal with your fears

"If you have any doubts, call your family doctor or local GP!"

This test is NOT a cure, NOT a diagnosis! If you feel unwell or are seriously ill, please call an ambulance!


Have / have you had fever (over 38 ° C / 100,4 ° F ) in the last days?

Do you have a dry cough?

Do you feel а flaccidity,tired or confused?


Have you had close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with coronavirus?

Have you had close contact with someone suspected to have a coronavirus? That is, this person has: temperature, cough, breathing problems. And this person was in risk regions or in contact with a confirmed case of “coronavirus


Do you have a runny/ stuffy nose?

Do you have dyspnea or shortness of breath?

Do you have chest pain or pressure?


Do you have a muscle pain (not from sports training) or joint pain?

Do you have a sore throat?

Do you have a headache?

Do you have queasy feeling? Do you have vomiting?


Do you have diarrhea?

Did your complexion (color of the face) and lip color change? E.g., a strong pallor appeared; lips or face have a bluish tint.


Have you visited potential risk areas in the last 4 weeks (China, Italy, France, Germany ...)?

Do you have any chronic diseases (diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma, diseases of the cardiovascular system, etc.)?


How old are you?


Important! You need to stay away from other people,if you have any flue symptoms. Maintain all hygiene measures.Wash your hands more often, sneeze into the bend of your elbow, drink and eat from separate dishes. Carefully monitor your condition! If you suddenly feel worse, or you have any doubts, immediately consult a doctor!


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